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DJ Arien born in Istanbul, Turkey), better known by his stage name DJ Arien, is a Dj & music producer and youngish business man

Young talent who has passion for music in his gene, takes first steps of his music journey in 2012 by following top DJ performances and taking advantages of living in Europe , the heart of electronic dance music.

He performed his first DJ performances to his friends group and small night club events and he took stage in a small organisations. His interest in electronic dance music forwards DJ Arien to improve himself on music knowledge and production skills. After a while, he joined in some DJ groups in Europe at the beginning of his professional music career.
Arien achieved to reach large number of music lovers in 2015 consequence of music director role in some European organization companies.

DJ Arien knows that he had a special connection between him and his listeners. Young talent uploads his weekly podcasts on Itunes ”Luxury Tunes”, one of the world’s most popular podcast channel.

DJ Arien is now working on his first album with European and American music production companies and he is planning to release it very soon.


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The talent

Nationality: Turkey

Resident in: Istanbul