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Address: London, UK

Capacity: 1600

Web: www.fabriclondon.com

Far from cowed by their recent license issue — which has been covered enough elsewhere — Fabric remains undaunted and more potent than ever. The London club is arguably still the capital’s underground standard-bearer, the kind of place that sticks to its guns and refuses to waver from its no-compromise booking policy.

Last year the club celebrated 15 years of service, foregrounding the best established DJs from across dance music’s most worthwhile scenes and genres, and continually pushing new talents into the limelight. The emotional birthday celebrations prompted Fabric to create a micro website to share memories and nostalgia of the club’s greatest moments over the years, while their main website also got an extensive overhaul.

Within the club’s walls, the more intimate Room Three (always this writer’s favourite) got a refurb, with the booth moved from its cosy corner into a more central spot. But really Fabric had little cause to change. There isn’t really anywhere else on the planet operating to underground principles in such a professional and consistent way. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?
“It’s my favourite place to go in the UK,” claims Alex Niggemann. “I love the dark DJ cage in Room 1 and the coloured lights that only slightly light the room. Combined with the sound, it always makes me speechless. I enjoy playing there a lot!”