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The endorsement of legends of electronic music only confirms what everyone already knows: when it comes to the Brazilian female DJs, Aninha tops the list.

Aninha’s career began in the region today celebrated as “the Brazilian Ibiza”. Ten years ago, however, everything was different on the north coast of Santa Catarina. Madly in love with music – by her own definition – she gave up marketing school (“without thinking twice”) to devote herself to her true calling: give people unforgettable moments and deep musical journeys through designed grooves and mesmerizing bass lines. At that time, early 2000, times were different. Just a reminder of how music was consumed to conclude that, yes, a lot has changed. To buy records, for example, the DJs had to travel to São Paulo, or the privileged, to London. From her hometown Itapema, Aninha never let distance be a limitation to chase her dream. “All the money I earned, was to buy records. Then, as the internet was too slow, I called the stores in Sao Paulo and heard the tracks on the phone, “she recalls.

Discovered in 2003 at a party in Curitiba, in a short time has occupied the post of Warung Beach Club’s resident DJ, which had begun a year before an incredible journey that marked the history of Brazilian culture club forever. Aninha is part of this and other stories.


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