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Maralen Alizabeth Pennyfeather was born April 5, 1988 in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. She grew up in Moore, Oklahoma as an only child surrounded by music. Maralen was inspired by her parents who taught, sang and played piano at Crossroad Gospel Church during Sunday school. Maralen started singing at the age two and sang in the church, school talent shows and other local events. In 2010 she married Leon Pennyfeather, an active duty member in the United States Air Force. She has two step daughters ages 11 and 10 and a 3 year old son. Her husband received orders to Yokota Air Base, Japan where they had lived for 3 years. In those years she has performed at the Yokota Enlisted Club and 3 different clubs off-base in Tokyo community and Japan Sony Entertainment Group. Recently, she opened up for Bobby V (Valentino) on New Year’s Eve. Maralen has also done High Fashion modeling for Japanese Clothing Companies which has been published in a Japanese catalog in Tokyo.Since being back in the states she has performed at many venues, bars, and clubs while also being featured on the radio. Maralen Pennyfeather describes her vocal style different and has her goal set to bring major changes to the music industry.


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