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Niño Ahmadi


I was born in February, 1985 in Kabul (Afghanistan). I came to Germany when I was 16. It wasn’t the most direct travel route but even it was a hard time, it gave me the possibility to experience a lot other countries and cultures. From the first day on in my new homeland, music was one of my first companions. By that early passion I touched various domains of music sometimes more sometimes less professionally: video production, event management, songwriting, and still a few more. Therefore there have been various influences of that great artform that shaped my final interest for its electronic offshoot. What’s fascinating me are the emotions and the impact a song or on higher level a set can have. This power was always able to calm me down and make me happy. If I had to mention a inspiring role model it would clearly be Solomon but even if I run the risk of sounding trite, I receive a lot of creativity from my fellow people. Among others this was one of the main reasons for me to some kind of open myself to others and share my idea of music with them. Finally, the bee’s knees is when I see in others the same excitement and emotions that touch me so deeply. For me, this is the kind of magic humans can realize for themselves.