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Tame Fox


Tame who is the innocent faced and peaceful guy of dance music area, has started his music career when he was 13 with full of self-confidence and he has been keeping up with countless music project and also DJ performances.

Inspire of his young age, he had succeed of supporting lots of DJs and Music  Producers to evaluate their music career mostly in the Europe region.

He is the Co-Founder of 3 significant Music Production and Promotion companies in the music market.

Tame who had signed numerous of remarkable projects for Artists and also  Djs, has been started a project in these days of 2016 in the name of “Returning to the Scene from the Kitchen” which meets him with his fans and music enthusiasts all over the world.

After having a short break in to the ‘ Kitchen of Music ’  Tame Fox has been started his live performance Dj events and also he is getting ready to meet music lovers with his new project via the most significant music Labels in the world, Stay tuned for up comings..


Agency: Swat Entertainment

Phone: +49 176 29 4242 00 / +90 534 3853727

Email: info@swat-entertainment.com

The talent

Nationality: European

Resident in: Luxury Tunes